Parent Ministry

Parents of Children
PTO (Parents Time Out)

PTO is geared for parents of younger children (birth to 6th grade). We gather on Sunday mornings to support each other as we unpack different parenting topics and dive deeper into God’s word together.  

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Parents of Youth

As an outreach of the Faith at Home ministry, we want parents not only to survive the teenage years but to thrive through this unique season. It is our desire to:

  1. EQUIP parents to be faith leaders in their home.
  2. ENCOURAGE parents by connecting them to other parents of teenagers.
  3. EMPOWER parents to be confident as they navigate the teenage year's.   

We gather on Sunday mornings to explore a new focus and topic each month. Resources and support will be provided through guest speakers, videos, experts on topics, Bible teaching, personal sharing, discussion, and prayer.  We will dive deeper into God’s word during Parent Teaching Time and connect with other parents through small group discussions. 

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Parent Events


Sunday, August 07, 2022

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Mentor Program

Relationships are at the heart of spiritual growth.  Our mentor program is an intentional way to create opportunities for those who have been there before to help guide those who are just starting out.  We look for parents who have walked further down the road and ask them to look back.  Parenting can be challenging, especially as we take on God’s call to lead our children spiritually.  At Prince of Peace, we want parents to have healthy mentors to help show and share the way to be faith leaders in their homes.  

Monthly during our Sunday morning parent connect time we have experienced parents share stories, testimonies, and wisdom centered around a certain topic.  Mentor Moments are more informal in nature and often include a question-and-answer time for younger parents to learn from parents who have already gone through the journey of raising their child up to know Jesus. 

This is a match-making opportunity to set up a parent with a Parent Mentor.  An experienced parent, who has made it through the steppingstones of the faith journey with children, will be connected to a younger family still on the journey.
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The Milestones Ministry is designed to support and strengthen families at significant milestones in their lives. You will attend classes with other people going through the same life stage. During the sessions, you learn and grow together and then take what has been learned and put it into practice in your home.  


Professional Care
Nova Cesta Counseling

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Discussion Guides
Devotionals For Teens
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